Project Description

ProLine was not born on an engineer’s computer screen; rather crafted by years of contractor input. If it was on their wish list, it was added to ProLine.

While other controllers stop at the standard features needed to run an irrigation system, ProLine ignored the memo. It not only contains features built for the installers and end-users, but it also has features for the ones that maintain the systems. Conventional? We proudly say, “no”.

More affordable than you think.

Anyone new to the ProLine can’t believe all that’s packed into this controller, and in most cases, the cost is less than “the other guys”. Give it a try.

Easy to Program.

The ProLine was engineered to be as user friendly as possible. Easy to Install. Easy to Program. Powerful features available under the hood.

The Next Level.

Sure some only set the time, date, run times, and days to water – but you don’t. That’s why we added many advanced programming features giving you more power.

Time To Grow.

New landscaping needs a grow-in period. ProLine can be set to temporarily do this, then return to it’s normally scheduled programming.

  • 4 programs: A, B, C; program D can operate concurrently
  • 8 start times per program
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rated
  • English/Spanish
  • Zone run times settable from 1 min. to 9 hrs. 55 min.
  • Rain/Freeze sensing on/off button with Tri-Color LED indicator
  • Rain delay of 1 – 7 days
  • RFS5 Rain/Freeze Sensor rain delay programmable from 0 – 99 hours
  • Seasonal % adjust by program, by month
  • Omit time of day window, day(s) of week, and up to 7 calendar dates
  • Programmable zone-to-zone delay 1 min. – 3 hrs.
  • Watering days: custom days of the week, odd/even, or interval days
  • Run/Soak cycles by program
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Non-volatile memory – with no battery required
  • Internal 120VAC/230VAC transformer with pre-installed 6’ line cord

  • Manual test runs each zone with zone run times from 10 sec. – 10 min.
  • Manual zone operation of a single zone (1 min. to 9 hrs. 55 min.)
  • Push button manual start of a program from control panel


  • Fault review displays all faults, including open and shorted zones
  • Test function using on-board multi-meter
  • Built-in valve locator
  • Backtrack Stored Program™


  • Zone-to-zone delay
  • Master valve timing sequence with zone valve programmable
  • Master valve/pump start operation assignable On/Off by zone
  • Clear program function
  • Clear All function
  • Grow-In Program




Description 4 – Station Base Indoor Model
Expandable to 8 Zones
4 – Station Base Indoor/Outdoor Model
Expandable to 16 Zones
12 – Station Base Indoor/Outdoor Model
Expandable to 48 Zones
Other Models E-PL800
EU Plug, 230VAC/50Hz

Australia plug, 230VAC/50Hz

EU Plug, 230VAC/50Hz

Australia plug, 230VAC/50Hz

20 – Fixed Stations

24 – Fixed Stations

EU Plug, 230VAC/50Hz
Accessories  SLM2  2-Zone Module for PL800 SLM4  4-Zone Module for PL1600 SLM12  12-Zone Module for PL4800
Dimensions  7″ W X 7 ¾” H X 1 ¾” D
(17,8 cm x 19,7 cm x 4,4 cm)
 9-1/8″ W x 10 ½” H x 4″ D
(23,2 cm x 25,7 cm x 10,2 cm)
 15” W x 16½” H x 5 7/16” D
(38,1 cm x 41,9 cm x 13,8 cm)
Input  120VAC/60Hz @ 250mA for 3 valves  120VAC/60Hz @ 400mA for 3 valves  120VAC/60Hz @ 400mA for 3 valves
Output  28VAC 720mA maximum  28VAC 1.0A maximum  28VAC 1.2A maximum
Fuse  1.0A, slow blow 1.0A, slow blow 1.5A, slow blow

Design Specifications

How To Specify

PL800 4-Zone Base Indoor Model SLM2 – 2-Zone / up to 8 Zones
PL1600 4-Zone Base Model SLM4 – 4-Zone / up to 16 Zones
PL1620 20-Fixed Zone Model N/A
PL1624 24-Fixed Zone Model N/A
PL4800 12-Zone Base Model SLM12 – 12-Zone / up to 48 Zones


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