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2-Wire Decoder System

SmartWire™ is the industry’s first control system to truly be a Smart controller and a 2-wire controller. At less than half the price of competing products it's the most cost effective solution for commercial jobs sized 16 zones or larger. SmartWire delivers all the water savings advantage of weather based watering in combination with the cost savings of a 2-wire system.


  • Converts the SmartLine® SL1600 Controller to a 2-Wire system for a maximum of 48 zones plus Master Valve
  • Compatible with SmartLink™
  • Connections for up to 3 different 2-Wire paths for maximum installation flexibility
  • LED display and status lights for programming, operation status, and troubleshooting with error codes
  • Programs and operates SmartWire™ SLDEC Series decoders
  • Hot-swappable installation


  • 1, 2, and 4 valve decoders available
  • Decodes signals from Decoder Module to open and close valves
  • Input voltage 24 – 28VAC from 2-Wire path
  • Shock resistant
  • Surge protection
  • Fully programmable for valve addresses using Decoder Module
  • Freeze/heat resistant (-20° to 60°C)
  • 14 gauge PVC-coated connecting wires
  • Sealed electrical components for protection from water and dirt
  • Operates valves to a maximum of 100’ (30m) from decoder
  • Diagnoses and reports failed solenoids to the Decoder Module
  • Auto shut-down if communication with Decoder Module is lost
Decoder Module
SLM16DM 16 – Zone Decoder Module
SLM24DM 24 – Zone Decoder Module
SLM48DM 48 – Zone Decoder Module
SLGDT Lightning Arrestor
SLCONN SmartWire Splice Kit
Valve Decoder
SLDEC1 1-Valve Decoder
SLDEC2 2-Valve Decoder
SLDEC4 4-Valve Decoder

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