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When the Living Water Nicaragua team arrived in Sanjon

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Why Save Water?

As water flows freely from our taps and over our lawns, down our drains, and into the environment, why should we pause to consider water’s importance and work to conserve it? While 70% of the earth’s surface […]

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Saving $1 Million On Your Water Bill Is More Realistic Than You Think

Why Water Management?

Good water management is not just installing a high-tech new irrigation controller and expecting instant savings. Commercial properties are typically over-watered by up to 50%, according to the EPA, and our experience indicates overwatering up […]

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The Smart Why & Why Not


Occasionally, customers will ask me why they should choose Weathermatic Smart controllers over the competition.   There’s a lot to that question, but I usually respond with “Why not?”

Weathermatic has been on the forefront of irrigation technologies for […]

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Sharing the Water Savings

Saving water is a way of life for me.  As a water management solution provider, every day I speak to professional landscape and property management companies responsible for billions of gallons of water about progressive methods of saving our most precious resource.  For what purpose?  […]