About Martha Golea

Martha Golea is the Marketing Communications Manager for Weathermatic. In addition to writing for Weathermatic, she has written for Lawn & Landscape Magazine and the sustainability blog, ValleyCrestTakesOn.com. Martha came to Weathermatic from ValleyCrest Companies because of her passion for the Save Water | Give Life campaign.

How Can You Upgrade With Confidence?

With Weathermatic’s water savings calculator, estimating the payback period on your controller upgrade is easier than ever. Our online tool is simple to use: insert your irrigated area, water cost per gallon (or use the default national average), and annual irrigation water used, and the calculator provides immediate, downloadable results.

The calculator is perfect for […]

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Save Water | Give Life Well Report: Sanjon de Santo Cristo

sanjon de santo cristo well Community Details

When the Living Water Nicaragua team arrived in Sanjon

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City of Mesquite, Texas Success Story



With over 100 sports fields to maintain, plus 1600 acres of parkland and 72 miles of medians and right-of-ways, the City of Mesquite Parks Department has their work cut out for them when it comes […]

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City of LaVerne, California Success Story


In Southern California, the water crisis seems to be a never-ending concern. How are cities supposed to keep their public land looking inviting to residents and visitors when they run into water challenges around every […]

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CEO Performs SmartLink Flow Dance

Mike Mason, CEO of Weathermatic, performs the newest dance craze that’s sweeping the nation: the SmartLink Flow! This dance was originally invented out of Mike’s enthusiasm for Weathermatic’s release of SmartLink Flow. Nice moves, Mike!


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Leaks In Translation

Fix those inside leaks for Fix A Leak Week!

When you live in an apartment, you’re always at the mercy of someone else when an unexpected maintenance issue pops up. In my case, this individual always looks like he belongs on Duck Dynasty and rarely agrees that […]

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